Scope of Service




  a.Review Company and Business Unit information including Function, Organizational Structure Chart, Headcount and Projected Growth and Existing BU Layouts.

  b.Conduct Interview meetings with Client Business Unit Representatives.

  c.Inspect site and prepare building site analysis.

  d.Provide Department Grouping scenarios and Options for Client Consideration.

  e.Provide Work Place Scenario Environments including but not limited to individual, shared and common areas.

  f.Assist the Client in producing a fully detailed design program for Client confirmation.

  g.Advise Client of statutory requirements/ challenges with regard to the relationship between the base building and prospective fitting out works.

  h.Formulate a Detailed Design Deliverable Schedule.


  a.Provide Concept Design for the Project including layouts, sketches, images and materials/colors to depict the concept for Client review and approval.

  b.Provide Schematic Design layouts for the Project including furniture plan, partitions plan, floor finishes plan, reflected ceiling plan, electrical and lighting plan, voice data plan, security concept plan and HC growth plan.

  c.Provide Layouts for review, comment and approval.

  d.Provide 3D as required to convey the Design Concept.

  e.Comply with all statutory requirements as required by China legislation and with good practice to ensure the design complies with all aspects of Health and Safety.


  a.Prepare and provide Design Booklet including drawings, details, sketches and/or 3D’s for Client representative review and approval.

  b.Provide DD drawings including key area enlarged plans, elevations and 3D.

  c.Provide info as required to convey the Design Development of key areas.

  d.Coordinate Drawings with Client Security, IT and/or other required Vendors.

  e.Provide Fire Services and Mechanical HVAC reflected composite drawings coordinating with LL’s nominated Fire Services and HVAC Contractors.

  f.Provide drawings, materials, finishes sample boards, and 3D for presentation to Client for review and approval.

  g.Prepare Furniture Layouts and recommendations to Client for Furniture type, style and requirements.

  h.Produce Bid Tender Drawing Package Information i.e. detail design, production information, schedules of materials, specifications and the like that fully describe the Interior Construction scope of works.


  a.Prepare and provide final Design Drawings and Package for Client review and approval.

  b.Prepare and provide Construction Drawings including the following components: Floor Plan, Furniture Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Materials Finishes Plan, Lighting Plan, Door Schedule, Room Elevations, Section, Details and Specifications and other information necessary to convey design intent for Construction. Provide to Client representative and project team for review and approval.

  c.Assist Client Representative in the pre-qualification investigations for Interior Design related Vendors and assist in preparation of pre-qualification recommendation report.

  d.Produce Tender Package Information i.e. detail design, production information, schedules of materials, specifications and the like that fully describe the Interior Construction scope of works.

  e.Provide the Client Representative with detailed response to queries raised during the tender process.


  a.Regularly inspect the site and attend site co-ordination meetings to monitor quality and ensure the installation and end products comply with the design intent.

  b.Ensure the Interior Design representative fulfils their duties on site regularly inspecting works to monitor quality of installation in compliance with the design.

  c.Produce defects lists as and when appropriate as required by the Client Representative.

  d.At the request of the Client Representative inspect the works for rectification of defects.


  a.Attend defects rectification inspection with Client and Construction representative after Client Occupancy.

  b.Produce defects list when appropriate as required by the Client Representative.

  c.Provide CAD As-Built Drawings to the Client Representative based on Construction.


  a.The Design Consultant shall designate a representative authorized to act for Design Consultant in all matters pertaining to this Agreement.

  b.The Design Consultant shall perform the Services in a professional and workmanlike manner consistent with industry standards in the localities of the projects for which the Services are provided.

  c.During the design process, minor scope changes may be imposed, this is considered to be included within the Design Consultants cost.

  d.All documents that are to be submitted for contractor pricing shall first be approved by the Client Representative.

  e.Upon approval of design drawings and specifications the Design Consultant shall prepare a tender package to be submitted to Client Representative for their distribution as part of the Construction tender to potential contractors, TBD time either at the DD or CD phase completion.

  f.If there are additional works required as a result of significant changes or instructions by the Client to the project scope they are to be reviewed and/or approved prior to commencement.

  g.The Design Consultant shall advise the Client as during the construction process, and ensure all relevant standards are met.

  h.Upon substantial completion of the contractors’ work, the Design Consultant shall perform a detailed inspection of the site for quality and conformity to the construction documents, and shall list all discrepancies and incomplete conditions on an itemized Defect List.

  i.The Design Consultant shall provide, at Design Consultant’s sole expense, all equipment necessary to provide the Services unless otherwise designated as reimbursable expense item.

  j.The Lump Sum fee is inclusive of business tax.




















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